Tragedijos nesiliauja: moterį autobuse užpuolę prievartautojai pražudė jos kūdikį

Publikuota 2016.03.11 14:00

auro 2016-03-12 16:32:19
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You can't define a big country with the name of a few dirty people. there are good and bad people everywhere, you may find same in Lithuania too. so we can't say Lithuania is not good. every place is good for good people.
Regarding Ayurveda, it is ancient science around 5000 years ago when culture was great and really practiced in a great there is nothing wrong in ayurveda as well as in culture, who believes in both, will walk straight in life and will do the best. but who doesn't believe neither in culture nor in Ayurveda.

There are problems everywhere, we need to struggle together in the world to make a harmony in the world with peace.

Aum tat sat!

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